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A unique solution for hiring top quality contract recruiters. 

Many companies, both large and small have faced challenges with finding or hiring top contract recruiters. Our goal is to address your concerns by providing you a unique solution for hiring top quality contract recruiters.

Recruitden provides you tailor- made talent for companies hiring needs.


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The Right Interview Questions Lead to Insight into Candidates’ Culture Fit

This is essential to identify candidates who not only appear to be a good fit for the company, but will likely stick around for the long term. Questions should be directed to find out as much as possible about the culture at the candidate’s current or former company, why they like it or don’t, what they would change, what a positive culture means to them, whom they regard as mentors, and how they wish to develop in their careers.

While no candidate honestly enjoys a grilling during an interview, they do value open, direct and clear communication. A survey from 15Five, found that 81 percent of employees prefer a company that values open communication, even over perks such as free food and gym memberships.

This, according to Tim Cannon at FastCompany, is good news because communicating doesn’t cost a thing. Done correctly, the way a company communicates also reveals the prevailing culture.

This could be as simple as choosing to ditch emails during the recruitment phase for more modern, informal and immediate means such as texts or social media messages. Of course, you could always pick up the phone: 77 percent of professionals prefer receiving good news this way.

OK, so employers and employees want a good cultural fit, and in order to achieve this both parties need to communicate openly and honestly. But it’s not that simple. Companies, like the people working in them, change. The modern workforce also includes remote workers, contractors and consultants.

Robert Glazer, founder and managing director at Acceleration Partners, writes that cultural fit needs to be shared by all these various types of employees. If they fail to adhere to the cultural values, they are not going to drive the sense of cohesion needed at a company.

This sense is exacerbated as organizations grow and evolve. Team members that fit well with a company early at its foundational stages may not grow with it. Culture is not a concrete concept where “round pegs go in round holes and, once they’ve found the right spot, stay there,” Glazer says. Instead, a good fit needs to put the right person in the right role at the right time. If these three factors are misaligned, leaders will need to straighten them out.



External Recruitment: The benefits and costs.

The benefits, costs and risks of an external hire-i.e., recruiting staff from outside the organization-are fairly obvious. The benefits of “fresh blood”, new ideas and approaches, less resentment from other in-house employees passed over during the hiring and maximization of the candidate pool size have to be weighed against advertising, interviewing, orientation and training costs calculated in terms of time and money, to which must be added the risk of antagonizing an existing employee who expected to get the job.

When time, money and other resources are scarce, or when not hiring in-house may prompt a key employee to quit, it may make more sense to hire internally. On the other hand, when in-house staff are up to the job, but not ideally so, looking outside for the best of the best will make more sense. Otherwise, an organizational culture that promotes expectations of internal hiring may make external hiring problematic, by triggering resentment, if not protests.



Identify the Recruiter You Are Working With

Internal recruiters, also known as “corporate” recruiters, work inside the employer’s organization and usually collect a paycheck (salary) from the employer who has the jobs open.

Their office will typically be on the employer’s premises, and their email and phone will typically be part of the employer’s email and phone system. So, their email will probably be Jane.Doe@[employer] or possibly HR@[employer], recruiting@[employer], or something similar. To reach them by phone, you may call the employer’s main number and then ask for their extension, or you may call them directly.

External recruiters, also known as “independent” recruiters, do not receive a paycheck from the employer who has the open jobs. They work for someone else, a recruiting firm or agency, which issues their paychecks. Some, of course, work for themselves. None are on the payroll of the employer with the open jobs.

You usually know you are working with an external recruiter when you visit their office and it is not in the employer’s premises. Email will often provide good indications, too. Notice the domain name in their email address, if you send or receive an email from them. If their address is not from the employer’s domain, like Jane.Doe@[recruiting company] or, they are most likely an external recruiter.



Video interviewing: new popular recruiting tool.

Video interviewing is a popular recruiting tool because of the convenience and time savings.

A video interview can take place in real time or candidates can pre-record their interview and you can watch it at your convenience.

The latest innovations in video interviewing software include analyzing factors such as candidates’ word choices, speech patterns, and facial expressions to assess his or her emotions and personality traits.

These developments are intriguing because they may help recruiters predict quality of hire from a video interview by using data.

Recruiter chatbots

One of the more intriguing recruiting tools of 2017 are recruiter chatbots.

These chatbots are designed to provide real-time interaction to candidates by answering questions about the job and providing feedback, updates, and suggestions.

Recruiter chatbots hold the potential to to improve the candidate experience, arming time-constrained recruiters with another tool to compete for talent in today’s candidate-driven market.

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Many companies, both large and small have faced challenges with finding or hiring top contract recruiters. Our goal is to address your concerns by providing you a unique solution for hiring top quality contract recruiters.

At RecruitDen we provide you tailor- made talent for your hiring needs.


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